Converging of Clean Technology, Infrastructure & Real Estate

With recent directives in the US and Europe aimed at increasing Energy Efficiency in infrastructure and buildings through mandatory targets, energy efficiency has become an increasingly significant element of value for Infrastructure and Real Estate owners, and their end users.


Combined with ever rising energy prices, the nascent convergence between the market approaches of technology providers and the implementation of energy efficiency by Infrastructure and Real Estate related parties is fast accelerating. This demands the realisation of partnerships between industries that differ substantially in terms of timing and average size of projects they are accustomed to implement.


Axia Partners is able to offer various services to enhance the successful interplay between technology providers and Real Estate players to benefit both.


For technology providers:

  • Building business case, including expected returns, for projects
  • Devising a targeted channel approach for Real Estate
  • Identifying potential partners for technology implementation
  • Fund raising for specific, large-scale energy efficiency technology projects


For Infrastructure and Real Estate players, including investment funds:

  • All-in partnership concept for energy efficiency implementation
  • Creation of funding structures to take advantage of smart infrastructure and building energy efficiency
  • Selection of most effective smart infrastructure or energy efficiency technologies
  • Selection of best in class suppliers, able to implement large-scale projects
  • Appraisal and validation of underlying business case and expected returns
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